Running a dental office is hard enough

We take the pressure off the Dentists

We focus on ROI-driven solutions designed for your specific needs while staying within your budget. If that sounds too good to be true, wait until you see our results.

Running a dental office is hard enough

We take the pressure off

We focus on ROI-driven solutions designed for your specific needs while staying within your budget. If that sounds too good to be true, wait until you see our results.
Get the most out of your pratice

Let's help you build a better practice business office

Cyber Dentist Solutions is your partner as you maneuver through the world of dentistry and works as a guide to answer any questions you may have. This is a one-stop-shop for increasing the number of new patients while retaining older ones, training office staff to perform at the highest level of productivity, and the keys to expanding your office’s revenue.
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Our trainings & courses foster communication & streamline coordination across your office, ensuring your day-to-day operations flow as smoothly as possible. A high-functioning staff is fundamental to a highly satisfying patient experience.

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Marketing Consulting

Marketing has never been more important & can be the difference between $15,000 or $50,000 a month in revenue. Our marketing programs help consistently deliver new patients, retain existing patients and exponentially scale your practice.
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IT Services

As a business owner, you want to maintain trust with your customers. You do this by protecting your office from any potential external or internal threats. With our exceptional cybersecurity services, you will have the protection and IT support that you need to keep your business and clients secure.

Our Proven Process

Why Choose Cyber Dentist?

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How we work:

We know first hand how difficult it can be juggling multiple points of contact to keep your business afloat with bare minimum results. Because of this, our ultimate goal is to allow you to focus on your dentistry and patients while we take care of the rest. We don’t want you to spend years testing different mediums to see what works best, we have done the testing for you.

Need New Patients?

Get an influx of new patients WEEKLY with our proven marketing techniques.

Front Desk Training

Stop wasting money on marketing by having an unprepared front desk

Next Level Service

Increase production by having a well-trained hygiene department

We understand where you’re coming from & can help

What Results Should You Expect?

As a Cyber Dental Solutions client, you will have access to all the benefits we provide as well as a dedicated Practice Success Specialists who are available to provide ongoing support and advice between scheduled consulting sessions.
  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Practice Analytics and Analysis
  • Higher Patient Retention
  • Increased New Patient Count
  • Greater Team Satisfaction
What We Can Do For You

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Office Organization

Customizable Programs

Meet Our Team

Our Highly
Trained Staff

Cyber Dentist Solutions is here to handle your concerns, so you do not have to. Whether it be a front desk or hygienist training, IT support questions, marketing concerns or you need office space, call me for your solutions.

Marketing is pointless if your team is not trained. That's why Cyber Dentist provides assistance with all aspects of practice management.

- Ruben Albarracin, Founder & CEO

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If you struggle with hitting your daily target for collections, can’t retain hygiene appointments or you get complaints about your hygiene staff from your patients.

This course teaches your hygiene how to be more precise in their technique while having the right amount of care. They will work quicker, which will boost productivity and collections. We will get you to hit your daily targets with our systems.

    • Our front desk training will save your staff from common pitfalls like:
      • Losing patients over the phone
      • Not following up with consistent patient recall activities
      • Not knowing how to answer patient questions
      • Your staff will be able to convert at least 75% of calls into patients!

You will get one on one training sessions with the skilled hygienist coach who has over 25 years of experience including working with Denmat! She has taught at Broward College as well so she has established hands-on training sessions. The best part is that your team gets CEUS after sessions.

The front desk training can be general or cover specific jobs like billing/insurances or treatment coordination. Your office will get training packages tailored to your specific needs to ensure timely growth.

My consulting services will get you out of that rut! No upward growth or the same amount of collections month after month or year after year. With rising operation cost, your collections should be growing too. Don’t close your doors, invest into your practice so you can gain returns in 2-6 months’ time.

Practice growth! With our tailor-made practice growth packages, you get audited in your hygiene department, all your front desk staff, and your marketing techniques. This is to ensure that you get a plan that covers these major areas to correct what is holding you back from upward growth in your practice.

      • To produce new patients
      • The upward trend of office growth
      • Consistent, a new list of patients
      • With our marketing package, you get inside & outside office marketing techniques that have been proven to increase my monthly calls that convert into new patients. This also includes paid Google ads and Facebook ads.